Saturday, 9 May 2009


this blog is a corollary of my little magazine ctrl+alt+del email me if you'd like to be sent the mag direct every [arbitary time unit]'s the blurb i wrote ...

welcome to the perliquidescent ctrl+alt+del—a contemporary poetry foldable/printable ezine. the idea is that through brevity, obscenity, ease of assimilation and distribution by paper and e-format, pdf files will reach a wider audience/ traditional audience for ‘british/WELSH revival’/ other/ feminist/ european/ american/ black/ underground poetry. some readers will consider this a trivial and possibly terrible DEVIATION in terms of amateurishness, IRREVERENCE honesty, willingness to fail & critical inexperience. as always this letter reflects a subjective view of SHAKESPEARE poetry, seen through the lens of my personal philosophy. people are very easily offended. COCK. my intention here is to transmit some of my enthusiasm for experimental, linguistically innovative & generally interesting modern/ postmodern poetry & improve my own knowledge. LIAR. to those who will give a couple of minutes to read 2 sides of a4: hello and please send your contributions, articles, illustrations & ABUSE thoughts to

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